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Let's Join Hands To Support Sax Getting Debt Free

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17 Nov 2020, 10 GMT+10

Sax is a 26-year-old vibrant and hardworking girl from Chang Rai, Thailand who is stuck in a stressful situation needs our help to repay a huge debt. Requesting everyone with a kind heart to come forward and donate wholeheartedly and support the fundraiser that will allow her to reunite with her loved ones and live a happy life with her three-year-old daughter and loving boyfriend.

Life is not easy for everyone and sometimes the universe tests some people a little too much but we all can support each other to make this world a better place for everyone to live. There is no doubt that there are infinite warm-hearted people across the globe who comprehend the pain of other humans and are always willing to do the best for them. Let's introduce them to Sax who is a brilliant and energetic young woman currently living in a small place Chang Rai, Thailand. Unfortunately, she is in a very complicated situation right now due to the reckless behavior of a guy who was responsible for a job but he walked away that turned her life upside down. As a consequence, Sax has to pay a huge sum of money to the bank to become debt-free.

Sax did not lose hope and being a positive person always sees the light in the darkness. Right now she sells vegetables and fruits in the market to repay the debt. The income from this source is not even sufficient for the monthly expenses and she is left with very little money that is not enough to get rid of the debt. The total debt amount is 500,000 Thai Baht (US$16,000) which isnt a lot for privileged people but still, its huge and she can't save much from her recent job to pay it. Sax was looking for some better job prospects and was offered a job in Japan at a monthly salary of 35,000 Thai Baht (US$1122). She is the mother of a beautiful 3-year-old daughter and has a family to feed in Thailand, so a huge chunk of her monthly salary will cover the monthly expenses of her family back home.

Relocating to a new country for a new job is not a low hanging fruit. It's mentally as well as financially very challenging. Sax has to pay for the visa charges, tickets, and the agency that helped her to find this job in Japan. The total debt was but 300,000 Thai Baht (US$ 9600) but with all these added costs, the figure is now 500,000 Thai Baht (US$ 16,000).

Traveling in the pandemic is even more complicated. Sax is currently in quarantine as she plans to travel on 27th November and when she reaches Japan, she has to quarantine herself again for 14 days as per the restrictions. The stress that comes with a huge debt is very hard to deal with and the pain of being separated from the loved will aggravate the situation. Sax will remain separated from her cute little daughter, family, friends, and her dearest boyfriend for more than three years to save money to repay the debt. Frank and Sax are soul mates but his tough financial conditions dont allow him to repay her debt and the thought of being separated from each other is unbearable for both of them.

As a last resort and believing in the kindness of all the genuine people in the world, this fundraiser was created. People who are moved by her story can help her and donate whatever they can. Every penny counts and will bring Sax one step closer to become debt-free. Frank is requesting everyone who is reading this to donate for this good cause and the money collected will help a mother to reunite with her daughter and family. Everyone deserves to have a happy contented life. Its a humble request to donate generously to this fundraiser campaign and support Sax to become debt-free again. In-advance Thank you to everyone who will contribute to this fundraiser.

No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank

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